I write reviews and provide beta reading services for authors, usually in the SciFi/Fantasy genres. I read an average of one novel per week and you can find my reviews cross posted on Goodreads (Koeur).

My rating process is fairly subjective with some quantitative discernment given to: story-line, character development, scene development (visualization ease), cover art (relevance) and prose. Novels that have more than 45% internal-dialogue after 50% of reading, will not be finished, and usually get a zero rating. I create 3 reviews (or more) that I continually edit as I read a novel in order to give a fair assessment of the author’s body of work, mostly in part to my over-reactive nature to positional authors.

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  1. Hi – do you read time travel, and how can I get an ARC to you?

    • I am so sorry Jennifer. I rarely look at my home page on wordpress. If you want to send me an ARC, or by now, a novel. Just contact me through Goodreads. Koeur is my handle.

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