Review~ “The Still” by David Feintuch

The Still

The Still

The Still by David Feintuch

Genre: Fantasy/Scifi
Publisher: Open Road Media
Publishing Date: January 8, 2013
Rating: 4.2 stars out of 5

Publisher Description: David Feintuch’s fantasy debut: the rousing tale of a young man’s quest to reclaim his throne and master his own soul

Rodrigo, Prince of Caledon, is petulant, selfish, and uncaring. When his mother, Queen Elena, dies, he fully expects to inherit the title of king. Instead, his uncle usurps the throne, and Rodrigo is forced out of the kingdom, along with his brother and best friend.

In order for Rodrigo to take back his birthright, he must win not only the allegiance of the Council of State, but also the Still, a mystical power that can be channeled by the rightful king of Caledon. To wield that power, Rodrigo must be pure, must be honest, and must be crowned king. Rodrigo’s success or failure will determine the fate of not only his homeland, but of his very soul.

This is a real solid story teller, whom develops complex interactions and story-lines. Main characters are well developed, as it is a long novel, yet the subordinate players seem fairly one dimensional. I get the author’s attempt to purvey a young man on the verge of manhood, whom struggles with his identity and turns to gay sex in order to preserve his sanity and the “Power” with his consort.

I look forward to the next in the series, “The King”, in hopes that he finally gets laid by a woman.


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