Review~ The Kings Deception by Steve Berry


Publisher: Random House/ Ballantine
Release Date: June 2013
Rating: 2.1/5 stars

Publisher Description: Cotton Malone is back! Steve Berry’s new international adventure blends gripping contemporary political intrigue, Tudor treachery, and high-octane thrills into one riveting novel of suspense.

Cotton Malone and his fifteen-year-old son, Gary, are headed to Europe. As a favor to his former boss at the Justice Department, Malone agrees to escort a teenage fugitive back to England. But after he is greeted at gunpoint in London, both the fugitive and Gary disappear, and Malone learns that he’s stumbled into a high-stakes diplomatic showdown—an international incident fueled by geopolitical gamesmanship and shocking Tudor secrets.

Hmmmm, where to begin. This novel sucks. It is mindless, boring and repetitive. They should rename this novel “Memory Lane” for all the detours into the historical past. The worst part of this novel is the constant recriminatory internal dialogue of what happened between Pam and Cotton, oh so many years ago when they were both unfaithful. Who gives a crap. There is frickin’ page after page of mindless drivel-filler, that my one conclusion is that the author was lazy in every regard. Plus we have Cotton’s son, dumb Gary, wandering around asking questions like a two year old. Let’s not forget secret agent “Hot Chick” that unloads her pistol into a steel door lock and manages to open it. Krikey!!!! And she’s Horney for Cotton too!!! What a hunk of shjt.

Money better spent is on a burger made by angry teenagers.


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