Review~ Muckross Folly by J.L. Austgen


Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Dreampipe Publishing
Publishing Date: March 2013
Rating: 3.0 / 5 stars

Publisher Description: Reeling from the destruction of her team at the hands of her deputy, FBI agent Evelyn Morgan vows revenge against her nemesis, the assassin that planned the operation, Omar Ben Iblis. The trail leads to an old friend, well-connected and well placed in Washington’s political establishment. When he refuses to help, Morgan must scramble to find the pieces to the puzzle. While investigating, she discovers a vicious new menace, more cunning and deadly than anyone she has ever faced. Trained and mentored by Ben Iblis, this new threat has already struck her family, and if Morgan doesn’t act quickly, she’ll be the talented protégé’s next victim.

Review: I really started out liking this novel…a lot. Edgy beginning with a real “in the moment” feel to it. It eventually meandered and devolved into a narcissistic internal dialogue of the wronged “femme’ fatal” whom can break grown men’s necks with a single strike…yada yada yada. It is not so much the story-line as it is the style of writing, which tends to step on its own heels in the telling. The logic train leaves the tracks quite a bit.

In order to get into this novel, suspend your dis-belief with super girl and be patient with her internal whining.

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