Review~The Narrowing Path by David J Normoyle


Publishing Date: April, 2013
Publisher: Fiction Addiction
Genre: Scifi & Fantasy, Teen YA
ISBN 9780957313330
Rating: 4.7/5 Stars

Publisher Description:Every six years, the world draws nearer to the sun. In Arcandis, those who want to live must claim the limited places in the Refuge, a series of underground caverns cooled by the sea.

The teenage boys of noble birth are sent out into the city to demonstrate their wits and strength. Some prove themselves in combat, others display their empire building skills, still others attempt to kill off their rivals. Out of over a hundred, only six will be selected by the leaders of the great families and allowed a place in the Refuge. The rest will perish, one way or another.

Not only is thirteen-year-old Bowe younger and weaker than most of the other boys, he has no family to support him. He is expected to die on the very first day of the narrowing path. Instead he begins a journey no one could have anticipated.

Review: Wow! Nice read, all the way through. The author starts the story with no preamble, and just throws you into his world, which makes for a focused read until you figure it all out. It does not take long to get up to speed, and once you do, you’re in for a ride. Really good character development and story-line. Some reviewers thought that it was too violent to be in the YA/Teen genre. I didn’t think it was too bad, just sword play and torture.

Bowe and cohorts are well defined and carry you along with their hopes and dreams. Rah, Rah, right? The scene descriptions are well done, so visualizations are effortless. The cover art is very well done, but does not have much to do with the content of the book. More like an allegory depicting a representation of the story. The author really needs to get off his ass and finish the series or at least have a series completion timeline.

I highly recommend this book to anyone, old or young. Publisher should really eliminate the “Teen, YA” genre as it may preclude other readers from purchasing.

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