Review~ The Wrong Girl by CJ Archer


ISBN 9780987489920
Publisher: C.J. Archer
Publishing Date: June 1, 2013
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 2.5/5 stars

Publishers Description:  Hannah knows she’s lucky to have a roof over her head and food in her belly when so many orphans starve on the streets. Yet freedom is something Hannah longs for. She did not, however, want her freedom to arrive in the form of kidnapping. Taken by handsome Jack Langley to a place known as Freak House, she finds herself under the same roof as a mad scientist, his niece, a mute servant and Jack, a fire starter with a mysterious past. They assure Hannah she is not a prisoner and that they want to help her. The problem is, they think she’s the earl’s daughter. What will they do when they discover they took the wrong girl?

Review: This novel goes nowhere, in a hurry. Seems like you’re always waiting for something to happen, and it never does. You feel like the story-line is being drawn out in lieu of the trilogy. This novel had a lot of potential to involve the reader that was subsequently wasted on confused or angry diatribes by the characters. The story-line had merit but devolved into this sinking morass of emotional inner-dialogue. I doubt that the genre that this novel was intended for, would find this work interesting.

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