Review~ Garden at the Roof of the World by W. Williams


Publisher: IBPA
Publishing Date: August
ISBN: 9781940076003
Genre: SciFi/Fantasy
Rating: 2/5 Stars

Publishers’ Description: To save her brother’s life Gwenaella risks her own in a magical forest to seek a unicorn’s healing magic. But the remedy comes with a steep price. She must commit to a perilous journey through Europe, the Middle East, India, to the high mountains of Tibet, to seek the hidden Garden at the Roof of the World and pluck a fruit that would restore the father of all unicorns to health. Joined by a few trusted followers called by the unicorns’ magic, she will face many dangers on her epic journey. To succeed, Gwenaella must find a balance between faith, friendship, and love and discover the true meaning of sacrifice.

The Garden at the Roof of the World is a stunning debut fantasy epic in a rigorously historical 13th century setting, with vivid characters and a thrilling, romantic story that spans cultures and continents.

Review: This was really tough to get through. Although the subject and story-line was jumpy at times and rambled a bit, I couldn’t fault the writers’ ability (like I know). It just was NOT my style. Prancing Gwenaella in trysts with whatever, looking for unicorn magic and fruit across the globe (ahem, world). As most of you know by now, I detest rambling inner-dialogue to tell a story, and this has it in spades. I think this was voted book of the month by the Narcoleptic Readers’s Society.


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