The White Mountain by Ernie Lindsey


Publisher: E. Lindsey
Publishing Date: May 2013
Genre: Mystery Thrillers
Rating: 3.5/5 stars
ISBN: 9781483963587

Publisher’s Description: Private investigator Mary Walker has less than forty-eight hours to save her brother-in-law, a former Marine Corps sniper involved in an underground, deadly game of killers hunting killers. A game controlled by a rich, powerful family. A game with a secretive history dating back to the Civil War. Ten million dollars to the victor; death to the losers. With time running out, Mary must find a way to keep Randall alive, or help him win, while chasing down leads and uncovering lies that connect to the unlikeliest of places…the White House.

This is a fairly good read and would have been great except for some errors. The writer talks about a Springfield sub-9mm that “enables the shooter to fire off an accurate and reliable second round, in the event the first was off-target.” Hmmm, so the pistol “enables” the shooter to be better than he or she is, just by it’s inherent function? So if your a bad first shot, your second shot SHOULD be better, just because of the gun? I would think a good shooter would know he was off on the first shot and track his front sight and subsequently trigger prep again to hit what he sees, depending on the distance. Basic shooting fundamentals (grip, stance, front site control etc.) is way more determinate in accuracy (I prefer precision) than a crap sub-compact pistol.
Again, prior to this the writer states, “the rifle provided smooth, efficient recoil and a scope that all but guaranteed incredible accuracy”.
Recoil is what it is, it is how you manage the recoil and the basic fundamentals that is more determinate than a scope. Even more determinate in the rifles accuracy is the barrel and how the chamber is cut and married to the action. Then comes the pillaring and bedding of the barreled action into the stock. A button push feed stock rifle barrel and a crap remi action really do not compete with other private vendor components. This should have been addressed as the White Mountain was/is a trained sniper.
There is some more malarkey on Billy’s shooting stance and White Mountain’s fight scenes (with him being tak kwon do/jujitz master) that will continue to grind on me, but I will save the reader from that.
Still, this writer is good, if not for the technical missteps and a kind of Grande finale ending that has been done over and over. With just a few good creative insights and mixed plot ending(s) this writer would be at the top. Definitely push it more, Ernie.


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