Redeye by M. Shean


Publishing Date: April 2013
Genre: SciFi/Fantasy
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Rating: 4.7

Two years have passed since Agent Thomas Walken and Bobbi January found themselves at the heart of a conspiracy of unimaginable greed and cruelty. The Genefex Corporation remains shrouded in mystery, and Bobbi faces a life of unanswered questions and mounting disillusionment to look forward to. But when she receives a mysterious message from one of Walken’s former comrades, she is drawn back onto the trail. Now, Bobbi will find herself newly equipped to discover the truth – about Walken, about Genefex and the Yathi race – and the key to unlocking those secrets rests in the hands of a cyborg terrorist known only as Redeye.

This was a fantastic novel. Right from the start your drawn to the main character, Bobbi. Her remorse, anger and attitude come off the pages in waves. Good imaginative area descriptions, feels like your there with her. A gutsy chick you would like to know. Cover art is clean and edgy with a visual of the characters that you can carry into the novel. The Yathi are appropriately creepy but the ferals’ that eat body parts got my zombie heart pounding.

The tech development of the future is understandable, which IMHO, is a hallmark of really good Science Fiction. You are left with the idea that alot of the tech is plausible, in that it could arise from the present. Really liked the alternate city and its feral inhabitants. This writer needs more exposure as his works are hard to find.

Looking forward to the third novel in this series.


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