Review: ZVR Diplomacy edited by Jeff Connor


Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: ISBN9781480439603
Publishing Date: June 2013
Genre: Scifi/Fantasy
Rating: 3.8/5

Publisher’s Description: Zombies vs Robots Goes International! It’s the Cold War in Hell as undead flesh clashes with uncaring metal. The zombie apocalypse is a true global conflagration, and ZvR: Diplomacy is at the frontlines with a collection of original stories either set in Russia or the UK. On all fronts rabid braineaters battle gleeful warbots, with a beleaguered (and dwindling) mankind caught in the middle. Featuring original stories by today’s leading perpetrators of zombie terror and robot rampage, namely Steven Lockley, Rio Youers, Robert Hood, Gary McMahon, Ekaterina Sedia, Simon Clark, Dale Bailey, and Simon Kurt Unsworth, ZvR: Diplomacy is a unique new chapter in the ongoing Zombie vs Robots prose program, and is fully illustrated by horror-master Michael Dubisch.

This is a collection of short stories by current zombie/robot authors. Most of the stories are really pretty good, with some kind of falling at or below the mark. Usually with short stories the author has an easy time keeping the reader engaged with fast pace and lots of action. Really not much to say here. I prefer novels to shorts but I think you would still be entertained by this collection.

One thought on “Review: ZVR Diplomacy edited by Jeff Connor

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