Review: The Exodus Towers by Jason Hough


Publisher: Del Rey
Publishing Date: August 2013
ISBN: 9780345537140
Genre: SciFi
Rating: 4.2
Publishers Description: The Exodus Towers features all the high-octane action and richly imagined characters of The Darwin Elevator—only the stakes have never been higher.

This is the second novel in the Dire Earth Series (of three).
Not sure I wanted to like this installment, mainly because of the limited source material and available physical settings in the first novel. I am glad that the author continued on in the scavenger vein, with perhaps the ability to travel farther for items or immunes of interest. Kind of keeping the spirit of adventure alive, so to speak. A lot more redundant filler and internal dialogue in this work, that tends to drag the whole novel down, like a boat anchor on the titanic.

Failing that, I really enjoyed this novel. The author surprises you contantly with developing alien weirdnesses that are just not expected. Evolving subs and crystalline growths makes for a menagerie of interesting stories that make a whole.

I rated this lower than the first, only because the orbital portion of the story was weak, and rather contrived as most of the action takes place on earth. Plus you have the filler/dialogue crap. You will kind of get sick of Tania whining about everything, until you figure out that “e-book slapping” is the rapid touch turning of pages to get to the relevant chapters.


2 thoughts on “Review: The Exodus Towers by Jason Hough

  1. It looks like we are reviewing many of the same books, so I’m glad to find you. Nice to see what someone else thinks of the same (or similar) books! I wish I had more time to read!

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