Review: The Plague Forge


Publisher:Del Rey
Publishing Date: September 2013
Genre: Scifi
Rating: 3.0
Publishers Description: The Plague Forge delivers an unbeatable combination of knockout action and kick-ass characters as the secrets to the ultimate alien mystery from The Darwin Elevator and The Exodus Towers are about to be unraveled.

Review: Like the description above the Forge has great action, but interminable and lengthy diatribe leading up to said action. In depth descriptions of rooms, places etc. that are not very good for mind/image translation. If you really can’t see the characters in a setting due to a lack of descriptive expertise, then the novel fails at rendering. A lot of the filler descriptions are not only lacking in appropriate detail, but bludgeon you with infernal dialogue. Shjt like their emotions involving their whiney past or current guilt complex related to some direct or indirect slight. Hard line scifi should involve the reader, but not bog them down with emotional baggage. This novel had a little too much propriety involving the characters in a post-apoc scenario. Sex should have been more descriptive and been flying around in all kinds of places. This is the 23rd century right? With zombies and cults killing everything, right? Living on the run with alien structures and devices on the ground and in the sky, right?

I could write pages about why Tania is a story-line disaster but to encapsulate (whiney, guilt ridden, conflicted, shy, indecisive, dumb, not horny etc.). She gets people killed for her stupidity, throws friends under the bus, doesn’t fuk (oh but she’s hot), and after less than a year of “martial arts” training, she is now some badass to reckon with BUT withers under fire, BUT then suddenly “snaps” and is able to lead under pressure and kill sub humans, BUT, still has a hard time killing subhuman kids. The writer just waited way too long to grow her into a woman.

This novel could have been great. I really liked the scavenge theme resurrected, as that always leaves you in a state of the unknown. That should have been the focus of the novel. Would have kept it at a fast pace without the space station filler bs and Yawnia….er.. Tania.


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