Review: Mudlark by Chris Mathews


Publishing Date: July 2013 (archived)
Publisher: Momentum
Genre: Fantasy/YA
Rating: 2.5/5.0

Publishers Description: On the outskirts of the city, a young orphan boy, Lark, is forced to scavenge the muddy flats of the river for treasure in order to survive. When he finds a magical box that cannot be opened, his life changes forever. Lark soon learns that he is destined to battle the Capposeign—the corrupt and evil theocracy that rules the city of Perous with fire magic.

Review: I review novels multiple times prior to publishing. I create the first within about the first 5-8 chapters, conduct another if the novel moves away from the initial assessment, and then a final. My initial review was all praise due to a great story-line filled with action and interesting characters. Scenes were very well crafted to help build your own set of vivid visualizations. About midway through, there was the beginning of long-winded scenes where page after page was spent on constructing the details of planned events (assemblies, 3 element/resistance meetings etc.). If the author would have reduced the amount of finite descriptors, this would have been a great read. There are some “moments” of infernal dialogue that were thankfully short.

The author has a wonderful creative logic pathway seldom seen in most novels. There are some perspective shifts that are a bit annoying, where you feel a bit removed from the characters as the story plays out. The cover art is fantastic. Really evokes emotion tied to the main character, Lark.

I initially rated this novel 4.5, then after my second review it went to 3.5. The authors “about” page at the end was disappointing in that it deviates from the simple biographies we are used to. I am not sure that the author’s sexual orientation is relevant (perhaps only to her) and that anyone seriously cares. I find it is more palatable and easier to digest a novel without being bludgeoned by an authors egocentric identity.

If you have a lot of time on your hands and don’t care if your bored stiff reading pages of filler, then get this novel as it has it’s moments of brilliance.

2 thoughts on “Review: Mudlark by Chris Mathews

  1. I review books too … so I have a list. A long one. Not enough time to read anything I don’t enjoy (though sometimes, it cannot be helped). You have (again) saved me 🙂 Thanks!

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