Review: Y by James Campion


Publisher: Gueem
Publishing Date: May 2013
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 1.5/5

Publishers Description: Thus begins the ultimate urban myth which unfold in the pages of y; a satirical romp through the labyrinth of New York City chasing a mischievous band of dreamers into the mystical mountains upon the Hudson.

Review: This is a writer in love with his own prose, attempting to be the next Still Life with Woodpecker. Although it has its moments, the author tries too hard to be constantly witty, ironic and histrionic. You really have to dig deep into the well of patience for the story to unfold as you wade through miles of satiric marsh. Satire is good for short runs, but not good for the long-haul as it becomes strangely insulting with passive-aggressive intent.

The current reviews reflect a growing interest in being the first eclectic retard that “gets it”. There is nothing to “get” in Y. Just another pedantic look into the inverted mind. The cover art does a good job of depicting the lack of content. They really should’ve had Big Bird holding up the letter “y”.

Just skippity do dah this mélange of tripe and winnowed art before you ask yourself, “y did I buy this?”

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