Review: Snake Agent by Liz Williams


Publisher: Open Road
Publishing Date: September 2013
ISBN: 9781480437982
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 4.3/5.0

Publisher Description: When the fourteen-year-old daughter of Singapore Three’s most prominent industrialist dies of anorexia, her parents assume that Pearl’s suffering has come to an end. But somewhere along the way to the Celestial Shores, Pearl’s soul is waylaid, lured by an unknown force to the gates of Hell. To save their daughter from eternal banishment, they come to Detective Inspector Wei Chen, whose jurisdiction lies between this world and the next.

Review: Some reviewers had some rather pointed comments on this work, that had nothing to do with the writing ability of the author and the novels story-line. The comments were mostly on how they would have written the story and developed the characters. Give me a frickin’ break. Then write a story all you would be novelists. Some reviewers jumped on the old tried and true “Women Power” is lacking with the females characters weak and vapid. ITS A FRICKIN STORY YOU IDIOT, not a commentary on your life. Only when characters that are weak and don’t fit the story line or detract from it does it become an issue. Anything else is your own projected bullshjt.

This novel was really well written, with a great story-line, fast action and characters that were very well developed based on the multitude presented. There is a lack of back-story on Chen, but I think this is intentional, as it leaves an air of mystery about him as well as leaving room for further development in subsequent novels.

The cover art that is currently floating around is not very good. This one (see below) is a lot better.


(I think that is Chen with a rosary and his demon love, Inari.)

I like a novel that has constant scene changes within a developed complex story-line. You get some holes in the plot or unexplained instances that get lost in the shuffle, but overall the ride is fun. This novel is hard to put down once you start and that is a good sign that the novels logical progression is working.

I am really looking forward to the next in the series.

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