Review: Selfish Beings by JL Morris


Publisher: Carina
Publishing Date: November 2013
ISBN: 9781472054814
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 4.6/5.0

Publisher Description: Unless, like Kaarl, you are a demon and your home is Hell…literally!
While the rest of Hell enjoys cruel games, Kaarl is looking for a new challenge. So he makes a deal with the devil himself: time in the Mortal Realm in return for human souls…
The Mortal Realm offers a taste of freedom he could never experience in Hell and Kaarl jumps at the chance to fulfill his dream. But gathering human souls comes with a cost and as more and more souls lose their way, Kaarl realises that he is creating Hell on his beloved Earth.
Now to save the Mortal Realm, Kaarl’s going to have to switch sides…

Review: This was a great read. Very entertaining. Kaarl plays a demons youngest son whom, gifted with an understanding of the mortal realm is conscripted by Satan to bring more souls to perdition. What made this novel so entertaining was the variety of biblical characters and their innate personalities. I thought Gabriel was really well developed, and offers comedic relief in the form of destruction. The twins were also very well done. They will have you laughing in no time with their sarcastic wit.

The story-line took a bit of a different turn at about the half-way mark. I expected the realm of heaven and paradise to be something that you could not quite grasp the meaning of. This would have been a direct polar opposite to perdition. Instead the author continues the “humanistic theme” into the hosts of heaven and makes them all too real and susceptible to base emotions. At first I didn’t like it but as the novel wore on It was really a good choice for the entertainment value it creates.

The cover art is really bad. It looks like a jelly fish with a Christmas hat. This is a well crafted novel with really good pace that involves the reader from the start. I can see this continuing in a series, in hopes that by wanting, it will become.

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