Review: The Devil Dances by K.H. Koehler


Publisher:Curiosity Quills Press
Publishing Date: November 2013
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 4.8/5.0

Publishers Description: My name is Nicholas Englebrecht and I’m the heir to hell. I’m the Angel-breaker. I’m the goddamn son of the fucking devil and you should know that if you piss me off, things are going to go very bad for you…

Nick Englebrecht is lured to a strange, isolated Amish colony by the mysterious death of a nameless young man. It’s supposed to be a simple enough investigation. Find the kid’s family. Find out what happened to him. But when you’re the devil’s kid, with angels and demons gunning for you at every turn, things have a habit of turning bad fast. Before Nick knows it, he’s up to his ass in bodies, femme fatales, and ancient, bloodthirsty gods with a taste for human flesh.

Review: This is the second novel in the series, showcasing our anti-hero, Nick, the son of Satan. The cover art has this colorful comic vibe to it. I really think this is a great cover. Will draw in a wide variety of readers.

Basically without giving the novel away, Nick heads out to Amish country with his GF, Vivian, whom is also a daemon. From their they tussle with locals and an ancient god. Not to mention a host of angels. I frickin’ loved this novel. It was funny, witty, had a great story-line and fantastic character development. Even the minor bit players were very well developed.

There were some minor points where the novel fell down. Like, how does Nick go from super bad-ass one moment, to getting the crap beat out of him by a farm-hand, then back to destroying Angels, then getting his ass handed to him by a Satyr. Just a bit inconsistent for the Prince of Lies. The hetero sex while evident was not really well developed, unlike Nick’s gay interactions. The author placed WAY too much focus on the homo-erotic, IMHO.

The ending sets up an epic finale, where may haps ( and I ‘am guessing) Nick gets his well deserved picket fence.
GET THIS NOVEL! You will enjoy yourself for hours.


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