Review: The Dream Runner by Kerry Schafer


Publisher: TKA
Publisher Date: October 2013
ISBN: 9781937776633
Genre: Fantasy

Publisher Description: What if you could order a custom dream? Any kind. Dark and twisted, sweet, sensual, or redemptive. For the right price, a dream runner will deliver one to your doorstep. Jesse Davison skipped town the week she turned sixteen, with nothing but the clothes on her back and her father’s vintage Indian Scout motorbike. She swore never to return to the town where in one night of tragedy she lost everything she ever loved.

Review: This is the third novella in the series. If you pick up this novella without having read the others in the series, you can get up to speed easily. The cover art is really good. I am a sucker for ravens and crows.

I gave this novella a middle of the road rating as short stories are really hard to rate in terms of character development and story-line. I like the author’s prose. It is very smooth and merges scenes with story-line content seamlessly. There just isn’t enough meat on this bone to make a verbose evaluation. You would have to combine about 7 of these short stories to make a novella with any viable content.


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