Review: The Duke of Uranium by John Barnes


Publisher: Open Road Media
Publisher Description:
ISBN: 9781480456969
Genre: Scifi/YA
Rating: 4.1/5.0

Publisher Description: Jak Jinnaka plunges into a world of danger and intrigue beyond imagination as he is forced to ask: “Where’s the party?”

Review: This was a really fun scifi novel that spans our solar system. Jak Kinnaka is a bleary eyed teen with no real interest in school. He is at once likable and interesting. The character development throughout this novel was very well done. The characters grew into something more as the story progressed. New characters were infused as the story line shifted with good result.

A good scifi novel, where morals are somewhat diminished, has a bit more of a “graphic” edge to it. This novel fell a little short in that regard but left room for your imagination. Jak’s love interest, Phrysaba, could have been better developed along with their “social” interactions. Myx is a great character that needs a voice of her own, and her story-line expanded. Smart, bold, slutty and a born leader makes for a good read. Uncle Sib has marginal development, but just enough to get the story-line rolling.

This novel is part of a series and the publisher’s didn’t waste anytime putting a really shitty cover on it. A craps table? Really?
I think this one is a little better…


Besides some world description failures, that did not render well for visualization, this novel was fun and light hearted. Some reviewers thought that this was a fairly shallow piece of work. I just don’t think the author’s intention resided with making this too heavy. It has just enough to draw you in, then have a good time.
The author does a great job with alien introduction and development (the Rubahy) and their culture system. I am looking forward to the next in this series as the author is a great story teller.

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