Review: Don’t Fear the Reaper by J.E. Taylor


Publisher: All Night
Publishing Date: June 2012
Genre: Fantasy

Publisher Description: The day Nick Ramsay’s eighth-grade teacher drops dead in his classroom, Nick sees his first reaper. When another cloaked figure appears at his grandmother’s bedside, Nick issues an order for the vile creature to leave her alone.

This simple act of defiance creates a domino effect that brings Fate and Death to Nick’s door and reveals his true lineage, throwing his world into chaos. To make matters worse, a group of rogue reapers declares war on humanity and Nick is the only one who can stop them.

Review: This was a pretty entertaining short novel. There is a heck of a lot of movement in this novel coupled with the old “suspension of disbelief” where the characters are concerned. Nick is a 13 year old kid, that has a girlfriend (whom is hot of course) and often times behaves like a 22 year old man. His interludes with his girlfriend seem to be written by an adult rather than the high school co-author. His interactions to events and people are really the determinate actions of an adult. Not buying that. He should have been written with a total sense of awe at his sudden circumstances of being Deaths kid and his future role as Deaths successor.

Additionally, there are deaths that occur to his family and to his girlfriend’s family where only a brief display of remorse is displayed, then back into the intense involvemet within the main story-line. Again this is not real believeable but just fine for the audience that this novel was intended to entertain (YA).

The cover art is comic-y yet seems that it is a good way to draw in buying readers.

I rated this fairly high for this type of light fantasy genre. It has some good moments in the descriptive and some bad in the character development. I had a good time, so in the end, that’s what counts.

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