Review” Intervention by WRR Munro


Publisher: SciThri
Publishing Date: October 2013
ISBN: 9780992377403
Genre: SciFi
Rating: 1.0/5.0

Publisher Description: Sci-fi techno thriller set in a climate change wracked, near future. Ayden Walker, a young environmentalist is shocked to learn that his parents had been involved in illegal genetic experimentation, years ago. But what he learns next, shakes the very foundations of his existence.
Investigating, he stumbles across something that could change the future of the human race if he can’t stop it… except he’s not so sure he should.
It becomes clear though, that someone has him under surveillance, someone who doesn’t tolerate interference. He’s forced to seek an uneasy alliance with military intelligence as he hunts for the truth.
Then Ayden discovers that his adversary will kill to keep his secrets.

Review: You get a sinking feeling when the opening for a novel begins with a quote from The King of Douchebags and NOT A SCIENTIST, Al Gore. To further this malady it came from a Rollingstone article. Anything Mr. Internet has to say or those that promulgate his edifice to the “disaster/blame” approach to life, I tend to ignore. That said, this novel was boring with a capital “B”. Pages and pages and pages and pages of desultory smugness, in the form of Mr. Doctor and Doctor Girlfriend smirking their way across the broad tapestry of scientific discovery. You can literally open to any random page and get poorly crafted diatribe. Here I will do it right now…lets see, opening kindle, sliding bar, and……bingo! “Yes, that’s fine.” “Shall we make the smaller group the control then?” Ramy said. “Yes, please. I ran lab-on-a-chip analyses through the night, the mozzies test positive for the bacteria. We’ll do more comprehensive testing to….” ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH! Ok, one more time, ……..”Its legal and PR machines are second to none, and many governments are beholden to them for one thing or another. You can achieve something, however, something far more important really. you can make sure the intervention is done properly and effectively.” Dun, Dun, Dun……….Oh my, me scareds!!!!!!

When you read this, it feels like you are 5 years old, clothes shopping with your mom. You’re so bored out of your mind that you find a clothes rack to sleep in. But first you waddle around with your arms dragging, yawns uncontrollable. The only interesting thing is watching your brother pick up discarded gum to chew.

Cate and Ayden are about as interesting as, well, Al Gore. Character development was pretty poor. Just because Ayden is lovers with George and presumes Cate is also, does not a character make. There is also the daily life descriptive dimension, where everything from sitting in a lotus to fixing mushroom pasta for dinner is described. As with Al Gore, there is just way too much filler in this novel to be cogent and interesting. The cover art is not too bad, which isn’t saying much given the source material.

2 thoughts on “Review” Intervention by WRR Munro

  1. I guess you didn’t much like it, huh. I’ve been getting a lot of duds to review too and a bunch of them, I couldn’t get through. Hell, I couldn’t even get INTO them, much less through them. After battling my way through a dozen or so of these losers, I figured out a new way to cope. If the book is really boring or just bad? I give up. Remarkably, it works much better. Less stress all around and no awful review to write at the end. Phew, what a relief!

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