Review: The Athiest by S. Ettrich


Publisher: norn
Publishing Date: August 2012
ISBN: 9781927369074
Genre: fantasy
Rating: 2.0 out of 5.0

Publisher Description: Jillian Campbell doesn’t believe in God. When local pastor Jim Preston claims to be an agent of God called a Deiform, and declares that Jillian is one too, she dismisses him as a kook. Two days later, Preston is dead, and Jillian stands accused of his murder.

Review: This novel did not flow real well, in that it felt stilted at times. The conversations seemed to jump around the subject between the characters. A bit confusing, as you had to re-read the passages in order to decipher what the author actually meant to say. Perhaps it is a lack of concise editing that failed the author in some fashion. With some good editing I think these slight problems could be worked out.

Jillian is a kind of cop, that mostly goes undercover in her line of work. She comes off as abrasive, pig-headed, ignorant and insulting. I think the author was trying to develop the ol’ lesbian cop shtick where she is gritty, compulsive and disbelieving. It just doesn’t work. You can have only so many pages of disbelief when the evidence is contrary to Jillian’s limited view, that you begin to question the drawn out denial of the main character.

Also starting to get the sense that Jillian and Sam are going to be this lesbo team under God thing. Hopefully the author will just get on with a good story-line and not infuse it with her own sense of righteous identity. I have said it before and will say it again, you are not special because you swing any certain way. It is called bludgeoning the unsuspecting reader with pedantic egocentric flatulence.

There are two covers floating around out there, here is the original and I can see why they changed it for the re-release. IMHO they are both really bad. The angel looks like a moth that hit your car window at 80 mph.


Did I like the characters. Yes. Fairly well developed and compelling. The story-line? Yes. It is a really creative and inventive. The main character? Not so much. A little too Feminazi for my tastes. I think you can make a character that is an asshat, divergent and interesting without sacrificing their humanity. Jillian comes off as a snarling bitch that shits rainbow colored nuggets. She goes from A type jerko to submissive and scared within the span of a paragraph. Her constant nagging disbelief at just about everything, gets real tiring after awhile, especially the self-recriminatory internal dialogue. Just not real believable.

Would I buy this novel? That is a tough one. Jerk main character Jillian/Sam. Good writing. Poor editing. Probably not. I think that the poor editing really diminished the overall effect (prose) of the novel.


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