Review: Winner-Book One: The Awakening by Marc Bolda


Publisher: Smith Pub.
Publishing Date: May 2013
ISBN: 9781614345145
Genre: SciFi
Rating: 4.3/5.0

Publisher Description: Join now in the adventure of a lifetime by reading book one of the Winner Trilogy, The Awakening, in which our hero, Martin Slice, discovers his destiny amid a plot to destroy all of mankind. Throughout, we learn of how the guardians of the Universe have fought a multi-dimensional eternal war against the most ancient of evils, a horror so profound that it will consume all of existence unless Martin alone can stop it…

Review: Gawd, I totally failed on this one. I was perusing some titles on my phone, and saw this. I thought I had not read it yet, and started to read and could not put it down. I looked up my book reviews and found that I had placed it in the DNR (Did not read) shelf due to the boring simplicity of the story-line. So here I am to conduct an honest review having completed this novel in a few hours.

This novel had great character development and an even better story-line. Martin and his buddy Wolf begin their epic journey upon finding L.I.S.A., a kind of self aware computer program on Martin’s laptop. Prior to this event (which is at the end of the novel) we follow a whole cast of developing characters as their lines begin to converge. This first installment sets the stage for the epic series that will soon follow. A great beginning to garner interest in the outcome. There were only a few missteps, IMO. There was verbal inter-change between Martin and his uncle and Martin and wolf, where they used this stilted high-English. Things like “old chap”, “My boy”, “bloody great” and “splendid fellow” to name a few. As Martin is from Canada and his Uncle resides in the States, where do they come up with the British phrasing? Additionally, there is an element of the self-indulgent, that can drag a novel down. Martin has won the lottery, and his Uncle is, of course, rich and perverted. The author wastes no time iterating his knowledge on the finer things in life. Throughout the novel we find ourselves bludgeoned by a richly appointed setting. What does a Baume & Mercier watch, Bollinger, crystal goblets with finely aged cognac blah, blah, blah, have anything to do with anything? Cover art missed the mark in a big way. Moon over water? WTF?

Other than that, I loved this novel. The story line was compelling as were the characters. Now that Martin has fallen in love after knowing a chick for a few hours, I am looking forward to seeing how this “Love” holds up when the evil twin sisters pay a visit. Knowing the author, it will go something like…”Martin had no interest at all in being seduced by this voluptuous pair as his Victoria is way hotter and Love is the greatest barrier to lust…..” Buh-blah…

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