Trinity Stones by L.G. O’Connor


Publisher: She Writes Press
Publishing Date: April 2014
ISBN: 9781938314841
Genre: fantasy
Rating: 1.0/5.0

Publisher Description: Between a hostile work environment and an impossible romantic situation with her longtime friend and first love, Dr. Kai Solomon, disenchanted New York investment banker Cara Collins has little to smile about on her 27th birthday. But before the day ends, she receives a letter from her long-dead grandmother telling her she has inherited $50 million—a windfall that she must keep secret or risk the lives of those close to her—and suddenly she has a lot more to worry about.

Review: The Cover art looks like two smirky douche bags floating over some spilled jelly beans with crayon drawings thrown in. It is relentlessly bad and will keep you awake if you think on it.

This novel was filled with and endless stream of dialogue . This author must subscribe the Nora Roberts School of Writing (NRSOW), where romance is loosely tied to a jumbled story-line. Our heroine, Cara, whom is an investment banker who went to Georgetown (of course) pines for a love lost years ago but they still have this “psychic” connection. She has not had sex in 5 years since the breakup with Kai, and still has erotic dreams about Kai. Kai, whom went to MIT and has a PhD. (of course) also thinks and dreams about her and feels guilty about it. He is now married with a kid living on the west coast. So how is this bad? There are literally chapters of Cara pining for Kai, or dreaming of Kai, and this “Deep Connection” that they have. Must be a real deep connection when he’s porkin’ somebody else 3,000 miles away. When the author gets around to the action, it is quite good. But then a new character is inserted into her life and we get page after page of dialogue. Not a bad thing, just not my cup o’joe. Everyone she meets or nearly so, she has a sudden “Deep Connection” with. Michael, her messenger (hottie martial arts expert, of course), after only an hour she is already touching foreheads with him, or curled up in his strong arms and talking about this “Deep Connection” between them. Constantina, one of the Angelora, comes by to train her in the ways of a Soul Seeker, heals her throat etc. then after a short-time in her presence she develops this “Deep Connection” with her. Her Guardian also has this deep connection with her as their “Souls touched”. Cara sounds like an insecure psychic slut.

There exists within these pages a dialogue that is reminiscent of the NRSOW whereby the constant sense of high brow buffoonery resides. Every where she goes she notices the Rafael painting (her favorite, of course), or the chandelier, or a Philipe Patek watch (which costs more than a car!), enjoying her Christian Louboutin shoes, The Hamptons, Prada blah, blah, blah or some such high end item that lends relevance to the story-line somehow. Only it doesn’t. It comes off as being snobby and unrealistic.

So asshat, er…..Cara is now a Soul Seeker being crafted to become who knows what by Constantina (lol). She has a guardian Nephilim named Chamuel (lol) who has the hots for her, only that is taboo-boo as Trinity Guardians are forbidden to engage in romantic conduct. Uh oh, see where this is headed? See Chamuel not only has a forbidden boner for Cara but also happens to own a high end Chefs kitchen and studied in Paris during the nineties (of course). Yada, yada, and we see that Cara just now realizes that Simon (Chamuel-lol) is her guardian and forbidden to her. Yet without Simon/Cham her heart and soul would never be complete. So several pages later of self-recrimination on both sides and we are ready for the grande finale. So guess what? (takes deep breath) One of the problems that mortals have in being with Nephilim is that they live so long and mortals don’t. But you see, Kai was working on a vaccine that he injected into her as she lay injured. Now Cham/Simon is on the operating table and she will do anything for him, including giving up her own life. So now it just so happens that Constantina is the mother of Cham/Simon (in another life) and that the newfound properties of this vaccine give her extended life like the Nephilim, so now she can be with him, like, forever. AAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH! Shoot me now, Deus ex.

Towards the end we get the sex scene where Simon “moves down to the slice of Heaven that lay between her open legs”. Only its not a scene but more endless pages of sex/dialogue. Throughout the novel, Cara is always wandering around in disbelief as life happens around her and is in this constant state of “wounded bunny-please take care of me”. You know why? Because she is so “Speshul”. Not on my recommended list of reads, for sure.


6 thoughts on “Trinity Stones by L.G. O’Connor

  1. Maybe I should ask this rhetorical question, but I can’t help myself.

    How do these awful books get published? Why? Who thinks they are good? I do NOT understand. I just don’t.

    • Lots of indie publishing. Hard to get a book deal with a real publishing house. Some indie s should have deals, though. They can be quite good.

      • Some ARE good. I’ve read some really good onees. But there are also a fair number of awful ones. I keep wondering how they get published when so many better books — better by far — can’t even get a reading. It seems almost random.

      • They essentially use web based publishing applications. Then submit to venues like netgalley and presto! There are no editors to say no.

      • I bet you’re right. It should level the playing field, but it doesn’t, not really.

  2. shoud NOT ask … geez.

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