Review: The Stone Golem by Jeanette Battista


Publisher: Jeanette Battista
Publishing Date: January 2014
ISBN: 9781310802188
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 2.0/5.0

Publisher Description: Amaranth, Dham, and Cat have managed to escape the wreckage of London’s Resistance. Now they on their way to Vatican City, desperate to find out the location of the Demon’s Gate and discover a way to free Amaranth and Trick from the spell that binds them. With Raulston–the Grand Inquisitor–dogging their footsteps, will they find the answers they seek or fail in their quest?

Review: The cover art is pretty weak. Chick with swords in a hall of fire. Hmmm.

I had a real hard time getting through this novel. Extremely dialogue heavy (internal & external) without any movement to support it. Additionally there were so many finite scene descriptions that it detracted from the story line. A lot of the emotive dialogue exchanges were between Amaranth and Cat. This entailed much bitch fighting over this or that, but mainly over some dude. Fug.

There was just too much wasted effort on pages of dialogue prior to the ensuing action. I will say that this Indie author can write. A strong does of editing is required here in hopes that  Ms. expert sword fighter/kick boxer hones her inherent talent.


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