Last God Standing by Michael Boatman


Publisher: Angry Robot
Publishing Date: February 2014
ISBN: 9780857663962
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 4.0/5.0

Publisher Description: When God decides to quit and join the human race to see what all the fuss is about, all Hell breaks loose.

Sensing his abdication, the other defunct gods of Earth’s vanquished pantheons want a piece of the action He abandoned.

Review: The cover art is hideous. No really, its bad. Shame on Angry Robot.

At the resistance of the author, I am changing my review. Mainly because I violated my own rules with respect to writing 3 drafts prior to publishing. I do this mainly to carefully consider what I am writing and it’s impact on people looking to purchase and respecting the author’s time and involvement in crafting a creative piece. Another reason is that I am painfully aware that I am hyper reactive and intensely emotional and find it difficult to constrain those feelings for the sake of a cogent and fair review. I was not fair to the author for a divergent method.

So on with the new review.

Despite my shortcomings as a reviewer, I really could not put this novel down. Not for the internal questions that arise out of religious processes or the characters or the story line but it was just plane funny. I love sarcastic wit and Lando does a great job delivering. Lando’s acerbic and glib view on people and life’s processes is something I looked forward to. There is this poignancy to his thoughts that evokes an inward look at belief systems as the author does a great job in making it palatable to consider. It doesn’t offend, unless you allow your own identity to muster umbrage at anything that may oppose your personal positions.

The author has a flexible dichotomy of thought in that he identifies the internal (I AM) while acknowledging that religious processes are sometimes focused on the external without personal accountability. What may be lacking is the author furthering the idea of why “we” are the answer and not the Gods as there is vague intent presented.

The character development was really good with regards to Lando yet scant with others within the story-line. The Gods were great as they displayed an intense petty approach in all things (power grabbing, love interests etc.) I thought it was an interesting twist that the pantheon of Gods were integrated into society. Zeus was hilarious. I wish that the author could have kept him around for a few chapters. The story-line was really good, as it flowed and integrated well with the character development. The author takes some left-hand turns for awhile in Africa yet brings it back to the main story line. I think that is more a structural issue where pairing down tangents is sometimes better for the entirety of the novel.

I look forward to more from this author and perhaps more challenging discussions.

One thought on “Last God Standing by Michael Boatman

  1. Thanks for your reconsideration of L.G.S. Although unnecessary, I certainly appreciate your willingness to trade ideas back and forth. Its always enlightening to share thoughts with people with whom we may disagree and our conversations were informative and definitely entertaining! I’ll be reading your reviews in future! Thanks again, and good luck!
    Michael Boatman

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