Review: Get Blank by Justin Robinson


Publisher: Candlemark and Gleam
Publishing Date: May 2014
ISBN: 9781936460571
Genre: Scifi/Fantasy
Rating: 4.5/5.0

Publisher Description: No more running around, doing the scut work for every conspiracy in the Information Underground. I quit all that a year ago, got myself a nice quiet life up the coast, doing normal things with normal people like my girlfriend, Mina. And then someone framed her for murder.

Now I’m coming out of retirement to figure out who wants her behind bars – and me dead. Again. At least this time I’m pretty sure it’s not aliens. Or the government. Might still be the Russian mob, but at least Bigfoot’s on my side. I don’t know who to trust, and I don’t know how I’m going to survive this one, especially with an unkillable hitman, some Satanists, and a couple of lunatic movie stars gunning for me.

Review: I like the cover art. Simple and defines an elaborately built world.

This was a fun romp through pop culture both past and present. It read like Still Life With Woodpecker on LSD. I really liked the glib sarcastic wit of the many named one-“Bob” and his subsequent interactions with a host of entities. I really have not laughed while reading, in quite a awhile. Maybe the genres I survey are not the best vessels for humor.

There is so much going on with the story line and characters that it would take forever to tell you why it was so fun to read. Just Get Blank and lose yourself for awhile….

One thought on “Review: Get Blank by Justin Robinson

  1. I’m getting this one based on your recommendation. You don’t toss the high stars around lightly…I like that. One slight (very slight) disagreement on the cover art. Generally I don’t even notice that much – at least until I began reading your reviews – but this one is too much James Bond rip-off for me, which may be what was intended. Still, I like something original, and this flunked that test for me. Keep reviewing, and I’ll just wait to see what you like. 😊

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