Review: The Treacherous Path by David J. Normoyle


Publisher: Normoyle
Publishing Date: March 2014
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 2.2/5.0

Publisher Description: He did the impossible.

This is book 2 of the The Narrowing Path Series. Book 1 is called The Narrowing Path.
He did the impossible. Bowe Bellanger broke all the rules in surviving The Narrowing Path.
The victory is short-lived. Three years of trying to return the Bellanger family to its former glory comes to nothing when one of the other families attacks, forcing Bowe to flee the city. At the same time, powerful forces threaten war and rebellion throughout Arcandis, and Bowe has to take advantage of the upheaval or be overwhelmed by it.
The second book in The Narrowing Path Series takes Bowe on a harrowing journey where he’ll face a terrible decision that will decide not just his future, but the future of the entire society.

Review: The cover art is so-so. A little cartoony.

WTF happened to this story-line? We went from awesome adventure and daring do in the Narrowing Path, to Bowe finding his ineptitude at life in the form of a failed hipster douche bag Guardian.

So Bowe’s house of Bellanger is out of time and support, and House Lessard wants to take over. So everyone splits, Bowe makes deals with the guild and later on, the forest heathen to expedite his escapes. Pretty much it. Add in a love interest, Dulnato the Bad dying at the hand of the White Spider and a Jarindor invasion into Ascor and you’re done.

Throughout this second installment, we have Bowe walking around in disbelief and whining about everything. Suddenly he finds himself a backbone and a way to end this invasion…..with an army of cooking pot wielding Escay and the support of the Guardians and the Guild. Double Fug. Really don’t like story lines that canvas the lame-o and unbelievable in search of reader sympathy.

The Narrowing Path was one of the best novels I have read in a long time. This sucked ass in comparison. Why not continue Bowe’s rise to manhood with experience as the Guardian of Bellanger? Could he not have built something in three years time? Crafted some type of ties with the Guild? This myopic rendition is just that,…three years of self-centered behavior, then thrust into escape, survival and ultimately, victory. Better yet, set out on a quest to save Bellanger with a sea adventure to Jarindor for trade and perhaps find another hidden refuge from the infernam that no one knows about. But nooooooooooooooooooooooo, we have to traipse around the un-interesting countryside with Whiny the Small-Minded.


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