Review: Extreme Dentistry by Hugh A. D. Spencer


Publisher: Brain Lag
Publishing Date: April 2014
ISBN: 9781928011019
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 4.5/5

Publisher Description: Aurora Award-nominated author Hugh A. D. Spencer weaves a hilarious tale of sarcasm, Mormonism, and oral hygiene that spans the globe. From Singapore to Germany and back to Toronto, Extreme Dentistry explores love and loss, terrible workplaces, babysitting, and those seediest centres of monstrous activity both human and inhuman–shopping malls.

Review: Cover art kinda bleh.

If this novel had babies they would be a cross between zombies and body snatchers. The world is infested with inter-dimensional hive beings that need our juices (pheromones, hormones, DNA) in order to expand in numbers and subsequently shape shift. All faiths of the world have united to fight this threat to humanity and this story takes place mostly in Canada within the guise of the Mormon church.

Unbeknownst to Mr. Arthur Percy, the people he is working for are Hive beings that have been feeding off his adrenal output for ten years by inducing work related stressful situations. He has memory gaps in his work life and after being rescued by a Mormon dentist (lol), he finds out under hypnosis that not only have they been feeding on his blood cocktail, but also butt fucking him.

While the story-line is interesting, the narrative is hilarious. Constant dry wit and rejoinders, social commentary and sarcastic wit are in constant evidence. My kind of humor. The character development is really good and flows with the story-line quite well. Characters are built throughout the novel and grow in complexity based on life’s travails. The overall plot is a good one but there was no real resolution to the issue. Hence the hint of a series at the end.

Very funny author whom writes with Grande freedom and concerted abandon.

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