Review: The Fury by Charlotte McConaghy

Publisher: Momentum
Publishing Date: March 2014
ISBN: 9781760080822
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 2.1/5

Publisher Description: Eighteen-year-old Josephine Luquet wakes up naked and covered in blood on the same day every year—when the blood moon is full. Josi has not responded to the “Cure”—an immunization against anger mandated by the government—and believes herself to be a threat to others.

Review: I just don’t understand publisher’s idea/visions for cover art. Disappointing.

Within the first 5% of the novel there is repeated use of the expedited phraseology of conjoining adjectives and verbs (mainly transitives). I see this constantly in the indie group. Author’s hope to build characters and scenes with as little effort as possible. For instance: She “snaps”, “mumbles”, “murmurs coldly”, “smiles disarmingly” “said bluntly”, “says faintly”, “faintly”, “says impatiently”, “says abruptly”, “says flatly”, “flatly”, “bluntly”, “tells me bluntly”, “grins wolfishly”, “grins”, “asks softly”, “mutters, mutter, murmur, murmurs, murmured”, “laughs softly”, “says calmly”, “softly”. This crap is oft repeated to the detriment of character and scene building.

As far as dystopian universes go, this one is just ok. Drones and cures and bloods, oh my! Nothing really new or inventive. You generate little sympathy for Josi as she comes off petulant and negative. Then she suddenly fwalls im wuvs wif wong wanky Wuke. Fug. I think this author should read some of Simon R. Green’s work, mainly Mistflop, to get an idea of what NOT to do.

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