Review: The Disciple by L. Blankenship


Publisher: The Cabil
Publishing Date:October 2012
ISBN: 9780966476545
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 3.5/5

Publisher Description: A peasant girl like Kate Carpenter could never hope to serve her homeland as much — but her healing magic has earned her a coveted apprenticeship. Now her skills are needed on a mission that must cross the ice-bound mountains. Their little kingdom faces invasion by a vast empire and desperately needs allies; across the snow-filled pass, through the deathly thin air, is a country that’s held off the empire and may be willing to lend an army.

Review: The cover art is comedic. Those are blessing horns on either side of her head. Trendy no? The gal I read about had long hair in a braid.

This was written awhile ago, but the electronic version is now making the rounds. This was a compelling read as the writer is fairly accomplished. One reviewer stated that she didn’t get the story-line in that the plot was non-existent and “ho-hum”. We know at the outset that they’re going to the mountains to broker help from another kingdom in order to fight their current aggressors. Kate is selected under much consternation from the Prince and his guard due to her young age and inexperience. She soon pulls her own weight and proves her worth along the journey.

I liked Kate as a character. Fairly well developed as were Anders and the Prince. The fight scenes were well done and mostly believable. Anders and the Prince are continually vying for Kate’s affections but she has a duty as a physician and has kissed only one boy. The author does a good job not devolving this novel into a sordid love triangle. The story-line is simplistic, yet the destination is interesting in that the culture is female dominant. There is some girl on Kate action while getting drunk but ends rather abruptly.

There were some minor fall downs like: Why does Kate Carpenter have an English name while everyone else has interesting names like Ilya, Parselev and Saint Qadeem? What exactly is “Kir”. Is it the life force of all living beings? And if so, why is it found in water as in the Kir Fount they came across? Is it magic?

All in all an enjoyable read, albeit on the short side.


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