Review: Exidon- The New Captain by DA Workman


Publisher: Smith Publicity
Publishing Date: June 2014
ISBN: 9781483529974
Genre: SciFi
Rating: 1.0/5

Publisher Description: When the world around you seems to be full of people that don’t understand or appreciate who you are, including your own family, what’s a girl to do? Fly away in her very own spaceship to another planet, of course!

Review: Cover art is good but wasn’t Sally’s ship black?

Honestly I did not finish this novel and here’s why. Sally is 14 and starting high school. She is cute, flat chested, smart and believes in aliens and ufo’s. Good start eh? A good portion of the novel involves these strange behavioral events. And I mean they are constant. For instance, Sally is sitting in class and a boy reaches over with a ruler and starts lifting a girls breast with it. In another, her newly found boyfriend criticizes her body, suggests changes, shows her pictures of naked women and people having sex and makes her give him head. Meanwhile she is being stalked by other boys and physically/sexually assaulted. While all this is going on, she behaves like it is a normal process and is constantly afraid if she does something her boyfriend doesn’t like, then he will dump her. Huh?

You get the impression at the beginning of the novel that Sally is a dreamer but a smart girl with a backbone. She states repeatedly that why would her friend Jill want a boyfriend especially when her Dad beat her Mom up. So at least she is capably aware of bad situations yet continues to be this piece of meat for whomever. But no, she starts living with Nick, her fiancé’, who hits her in the face for talking back.

Samantha goes through hypnosis, finds out Grey’s are abducting her and others. She iterates that they doing rectal and urinary exams. Eventually Sally (now Nazoor) finds ship and friend Tarcon. She comes back to Earth to find Nick (who was going to kill her with scissors) and…Blah, blah blah. Not once do we find Sally/Nazoor growing into an independent space fairing goddess but continuing her co-dependent ways.

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