Review: Alice through Blood-Stained Glass by Dan Adams


Publisher: Harper Collins
Publishing Date: August 2014
ISBN: 9781460703991
Genre: Scifi
Rating: 3.1/5

Publisher Description: A fun, horror-style zombie retelling of Alice in Wonderland.

Alice is minding her younger sister when the Zombie apocalypse hits. She has to find safety but is thwarted at every turn – by a strange man, by two stoners. The world has gone made and she doesn’t know who to trust.

Review: Cover art needs a big re-do. Make a cartoon with Alice in Wonderland in a hottie zombie killer getup for fugs sake. Who the fug is that on the cover?

This was a pretty clever take on Alice in Wonderland (on crack). Ali gets caught in the zombie outbreak, loses her sister and fends for herself while meeting a myriad of characters on her way to Sanctuary and the Queen of Hearts.

In order to have fun with this novel you really have to suspend your disbelief…constantly. Otherwise “You’re gonna have a bad time.” Now why would I rate this, around the 3 star mark? Lots and lots of movement, coupled with an engaging and un-believable character with scenes that stretch not only believability but physics as well. This novel had so many fails with Ali the highschooler; where one minute she is watching her little sister by the lake and a few hours later she is an expert with pistols, knives and CQB fighting.

Ali (unfairly IMHO) blames Mr. Waistcoat for the death of her little sister. Mr. Waistcoat initially saves Ali by telling her that the zombies are coming. They follow him to an escape area (another save). He picks up her little sister so they both don’t get caught by the zombies (another save) and subsequently runs into a zombie that picks her sister off thereby saving both Ali and Mr. Waistcoat. He then pulls Ali away from her sister so she doesn’t get infected (another save). Sounds like Ali is an ungrateful little biotch.

You really have to forget that this novel barely mirrors reality. Where teenagers become martial experts in a matter of days; where well assembled and operational enclaves spring up out of nowhere; where mushrooms enable you to see in the dark and move faster than the eye can see: where Ali knows instinctively who is a professional soldier and who is not; where Ali can draw her pistol super fast and never misses, even while running; where the presence of a pistol and a machine gun denotes survival by their own merits; where soldiers force bound women to suck their protrusions; where Ali can break grown men’s necks while straddling them; and where Ali can take down an entire enclave while killing most everyone in the process.

This was definitely a guilty pleasure novel. The kind of novel you keep trying to hate for all its obvious flaws but end up riveted to the story-line. If you like Resident Evil get this, but not if zombies coupled with un-realistic characters and situations put you off.

2 thoughts on “Review: Alice through Blood-Stained Glass by Dan Adams

  1. Yikes. Sounds like he literally combines Alice in Wonderland with everything hot in YA these days.

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