Review: Steel and Song by Ani Bolton


Publisher: Ani Bolton
Publishing Date:
ISBN: 0000000000410
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 3.9/5

Publisher Description: Airwitch Tova Vanaskaya’s choices are few: use her magic to fly an elite aircraft in the Grand Duchy’s army or be shipped to the trenches. But invoking too much magic can kill the wielder, and her Cossack captain has a hell-bent-for-leather streak that pushes her to the brink. It’s a good thing she’s not afraid to push back.

Review: Really? Tora the airwitch on the cover with frickin’ makeup? How about the constantly dirty airwitch we read about?

This was a surprisingly well written and entertaining novel. The characters, even the bit players, were so well developed that you were drawn into this alternate world with little effort. Tora makes an immediate impression with some of her Sami culture woven into the fabric of her life, then is suddenly ripped from all she loves.

What begins from there is an epic odyssey across the skies of Russia and beyond. You are constantly rooting for Tora to overcome all the obstacle’s, from a-holes that constantly insert themselves into her life to her air magic that threatens to kill if not used judiciously. Tora discovers that she is more than just an airwitch and soon finds love in all the wrong places. I liked seeing Tora grow into a more dominant role from her humble beginnings.

This is a pure indie author. If any publishers are reading this review, you should really consider making this author a deal (Angry Robot). I have read a lot of big publishing house authors in the last year that in no way stack up to this authors’ talent. And no, I do not know the author. If the author doesn’t drag down the next novel with the WUV scenes, this should be a great series.

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