Review: The Perfect Corpse by Giles Milton


Publisher: Prospero
Publishing Date: September 2014
ISBN: 9780992897222
Genre: SciFi
Rating: 2.0/5

Publisher Description: When the frozen corpse of Ferris Clark is found in the Greenland ice, forensic archaeologist Jack Raven is hired to investigate. He is suspicious from the outset. The corpse is not only naked, but in an absolutely pristine state. As Jack unravels the mystery of Ferris Clark’s final hours, he uncovers a dark and terrible past. He also finds himself caught in a race against time. There is a murderer on the loose and Jack alone can stop the killings.

Review: Cover art is ….meh.

This was a fairly slow paced novel with an inventive story line and a weak plot. Jack Raven (Raven? Really?) is on the case of discovering why a perfectly preserved corpse is…..perfectly preserved. What follows is a tortuous path through history of flaccid discoveries. All of these disparate events culminates in finding out who the corpse really is, which really doesn’t matter at all, as we know he is one of the dreaded Nazi special forces with a penchant for killing.

So one of the first unbelievable sequences is one of a perfectly preserved naked corpse that gets accidentally revived at stupid ZAKRON and begins with killing the night watchman, stealing his clothes/gun and disappearing. Jack Raven (lol), after studying the corpse, stands up and says “Not many can kill with a slash of a scalpel. Requires medical know-how…and mental preparation”. Well I think it is pretty easy to kill someone with a scalpel especially when that someone was injected with knock out juice prior to slicing. At one point Jack is talking to the biggest pain in the ass and whiny maudlin character ever built, Tammy, and says, “They will shoot him if they catch him.” And Tammy Tantrum says “Jesus the nightmare gets worse….” Really? How could that be bad? There is a serial killing WWII Nazi running around killing people and Tammy is upset that they may shoot this Ice Freak? Fug.

Well as we near the end of this disaster, the killer hijacks Tammy and her lovable and adorable little scamps into the desert while Jack Raven sneaks up on them. The killer is demanding where the military base is and Jack walks up and starts telling him that he is in the future and all his former mates are long dead and this confuses the killer to the point where he is stumbling around. So….he was not confused a month prior to his escape from ZAKRON? At no point during that time was he unbelievably stupid not to realize what period in time he was in? Did it take Jack “The CAW!” Raven to explain his present circumstances that eventually leads the psychopath to suicide? I don’t associate suicides with psychopaths, but maybe this was a “Nazi with a heart of gold” where self-preservation suddenly becomes anathema.

The holes in the story-line are many, the characters are thinly built and the plot, while interesting historically, really did not provide anything substantive. This could have been a great setting for bringing espionage from the past, into sort of an ongoing sinister plot that spans the decades and involves an inner power circle. Now the idiot team of Tammy and the Dr. Raven can run for their stupid lives while spanning the globe for answers. Tough shjt though, you’re pretty much stuck in bumfuck Nevada the whole time, excepting Raven’s hottie German ex-GF looking up crap in ancient libraries.


One thought on “Review: The Perfect Corpse by Giles Milton

  1. The review was quite entertaining… Apparently more so than the book!

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