Review: Nexus by Nicolas Wilson


Publisher: Victory
Publishing Date: july 2014
ISBN: 9781301673568
Genre: SciFi
Rating: 1.0/5

Publisher Description: Captain Anderson Grant of the corporate starship Nexus boldly explores alien worlds (and occasionally the alien women, too). Grant and his crew struggle with the company’s version of manifest destiny, as well as its attempt to coerce them into military force. They begin to question whether the largest threat to their mission and their safety will come from outside the Nexus or from the company that respects them more for their genetic possibilities than their individuality.

Review: Cover art is really bad.

The reason I did not finish this novel was mainly due to the endless dialogue between characters and the lengthy explanations tethered to the dialogue in order to get the reader up to speed. Rather than have the story-line unfold through the process of movement, you get bludgeoned with informational dialogue.

There is this paradigm where one moment you have Mr. Captain Swashbuckling womanizer to Captain Rules and Procedures. It is constantly alluded to that Captain Cod Piece bangs more chicks than Captain Kirk, but is found languishing in a bar, drunk as shjt and crying for a lost love. As the story unfolds you find that the crew are pretty much indentured servants, then all of a sudden you get the space opera vibe. Very schizophrenic. There was also this smug, “yuckity yuckity yuk”, backslapping camaraderie that tended to grind.

Sorry this one is a pass, mainly for the length tied to the dialogue I could not endure.


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