Review: The Sword Of Michael by Marcus Wynne


Publisher: Baen
Publishing Date: November 2014
ISBN: 9781476736891
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 4.0/5

Publisher Description: Marius Winter doesn’t walk the road of the shaman-warrior alone. He has powerful allies in the Other Realms and in ordinary reality. His spirit guides are a Lakota war-chief and medicine man, First In Front; Tigre, a powerful feminine spirit who appears as a white tiger; and Burt, a spirit raven who channels an old Jewish bookie from the Bronx.

Review: I read this author a long time ago, I think it was one of his first novels. I sent him an email at the time, wishing him luck and grafting kudos on a fine novel. He politely told me that my ideas for furthering his first novel into a series was stupid. Then he comes out with another Dale Miller novel. What a Dick move. This is a bizarre departure from the militaristic suspense novel that I recall. It is this melange’ of ribald, tongue n’cheek fantasy with little kernals of life wisdom strewn within. There is the penchant for subtle mockery for most things/events in pop culture. This dry wit (sarcasm) is channeled through the various characters.

Marius is a dichotomous douche. He’s a shaman that channels God’s minions and can give any USPSA action shooter a run for their money while gazing into the eyes of the hottest chick on earth which happens to be his GF. He likes beer and incense, guns and meditation in no particular order. His best friends are spirit guides, Archangels, a Nazi in a spaceship and a thieving gun runner, Dillon Reloading (lol).

There were only a few minor fall downs. All the chicks are hot, Marius is never really in deep shjt (just his friends), Daniel Defense uppers are ok, but I would have gone with a Larue, SRV is/was the best R&B guitarist ever (not Electric rock guitar) and instead of a Dawson precision +5 base pad why not just get the stock Glock 33 round magazine? Not sure if I would have used a wheel gun either, but there is a practical and reliable side to all things that go bang . Dillon uses quite a bit of ammo that is custom reloads. Why? The only reason I can think of is to save money and reduce your power factor for controlled recoil. But still you have to deal with it. When I talked to Robbie Leatham (The Great One) about reloads he said ” I hate reloading. I shoot all factory ammo which runs about 180-190+ power factor”. (165 power factor is the cutoff for USPSA major/limited class).

This novel seemed to take some effort in pulling all this wildly disparate information into a cogent whole and coalescing it into a sustainable, thought provoking and entertaining novel. There is really quite a bit going on and rather than being a creative mind-dump, the novel is fairly succinct and logical….logical in the sense that there is a plot that involves demi-demons and demons whom are out to kill you while your GF’s soul is held hostage in hell.


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