Review: Dragons on the Sea of Night by Eric Van Lustbader


Publisher: Open road
Publishing Date: August 2014
ISBN: 9781497654945
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 3.7/5

Publisher Description: he was but a man named Ronin. Trained as a swordsman, endowed with breathtaking skill, he was not destined merely to live and then die in a doomed city beneath a frozen world. Many years have passed since he first ventured into the void. Now he possesses powers beyond all imagining—godlike abilities both marvelous and terrible. Now he is revered and feared as savior and avenger, the tamer of monstrous beasts, the destroyer of the dark angel of Chaos—and dearly loved by his devoted bond-brother, Moichi Annai-Nin, and the beautiful, enigmatic, and lethal Chiisai. Now he is Dai-San, the Sunset Warrior.

Review: Having read The Sunset Warrior and not been too excited about this series, I decided to take a chance on “Dragons on the Sea of Night”. My issues with Sunset Warrior were many yet was very surprised how good this installment was. Gone was the confusing story-line, inexplicable plot twists and unappealing characters. This had great story-line progression, characters with great depth and really good scene development. It is almost like another person wrote this novel.

The magic is not over the top and coupled with Moichi and Sardonyx traveling far and wide it makes for an interesting and enjoyable read. There is a bit of info dumping at the end, almost like the author wanted to conclude this installment because he had a publishing deadline. Bjork the Bear was a good character that might have had a better and longer run in this novel. The Dai-San really doesn’t make too many appearances throughout the novel and isn’t too integral to the plot until the end. This is mostly about Moichi and Chiisai’s ultimate destinies intertwined with Chaos.


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