Review: The Time Roads by Beth Bernobich


Publisher: Tor
Publishing Date: October 2014
ISBN: 9780765331250
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 1/5.0

Publisher Description: Éire is one of the most powerful empires in the world. The Anglian Dependencies are a dusty backwater filled with resentful colonial subjects, Europe is a disjointed mess, and many look to Éire for stability and peace. In a series of braided stories, Beth Bernobich has created a tale about the brilliant Éireann scientists who have already bent the laws of nature for Man’s benefit. And who now are striving to conquer the nature of time.

Review: How does the cover relate to Dr. Breandan O Cuilinn? Breandan was a young dude.

Reviewers (all three of them) had this one at 5 stars or 1-2 stars. Seems that the low ratings were due to plot shifts and story-line progressions that didn’t make sense. The bit characters were thinly developed and the main characters, Queenie and Aidrean Ó Deághaidh were built fairly one dimensionally… ” I want. I feel. I am mad. I don’t feel like it. I am horny.” etc. You never really get to know reactive characters as the movement is separated from revealing their inner emotions when placed under stress. For instance, Queenie gets shot and throws up on herself, then ends up sequestered. There is no plight or fight with another, whether foe or friend in this instance. If she is alone in her pain, build on that instance to mold and develop a different person. Perhaps she becomes Super Bitch Queenie and starts lopping off heads and takes the fight to those who would see her unseated.
Sadly this receives a DNF, mainly due to the lengthy dialogue that IMO was not needed.


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