Review: It Waits Below by Eric Red


Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Publishing Date: September 2014
ISBN: 9781619220706
Genre: SciFi
Rating: 2.7/5

Publisher Description: It waits no more!
In the 1800s, an asteroid carrying an extraterrestrial life form crashed to earth and
sunk a Spanish treasure ship. Now, a trio of salvage experts dives a three-man sub to the
deepest part of the ocean to recover the sunken gold. There, they confront a nightmarish
alien organism beyond comprehension, which has waited for over a century to get to the
surface. It finally has its chance. As their support ship on the surface is ambushed by deadly modern-day pirates, the crew of the stranded sub battles for their very lives against a monster no one on Earth has seen before.

Review: This novel was written in a style that begged for a movie deal. To me, underwater action and the images invoked are just kind of ho-hum. This novel only got really good at about the 80% mark where the alien beast rises to the surface in hunt of one woman that destroyed most of its hive in the depths. Yawn. It is the old shtick “Ellen Ripley battles Alien while everyone around her dies”. At one point we come to the culminating battle between the alien and Clark, and much like Ripley in “Alien”, Clark screams “GET THE FUCK OFF MY PLANET!”, before blowing it away. Double yawn.

This is an ok read. The characters interactions also read like a movie script where emotions are laid bare, especially cowardice, and you know right away they are dead because redemption arrives in the form of martyrdom. Look for it this summer in a theater near you!


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