Review: Shadow Boxer (Alterations #2) by Jen Greyson


Publisher: Alexander Cole
Publishing Date:
ISBN: 9780615958255
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 3.3/5

Publisher Description: Fatigued from her latest mission where sleep was fleeting, time traveler, Evy Rivera will see no reprieve. Urgently, she must again travel back to ancient Rome. With one mentor kidnapped and the other threatening to eliminate scientists from the past, Evy must prioritize with the utmost care. But the next girl on the list is one she knows–and daughter of the man who trained her and stole her heart. Evy must push aside her heart-wrenching desire to reconnect with Constantine to focus on her task.

Review: I really like the cover but once again I am a dude.
This was a fairly solid story-line. I am a sucker for time travel as you never know what perspective the author brings to the past. The failings with the novel was the character development. Evy is just plain boring. She is especially boring when her and Constantine get together to spar, talk or hump. The humping scenes, coupled with the dialogue just seem to go on forever and have nothing to do with the overall plot. It is like some relational segue into the past that attempts (and fails) to render the characters in a more personable light. Only it comes off tedious and you start skipping pages to get back to the main story-line/plot. The Tesla sequence was really good and would have been better if maintained without the Papi/Mami worry or the “I am so concerned about my family but am humping Constantine right now…”

This would have been a great novel if the author had limited her romantic femme’ fatale’ interactions with Constantine and focused on Arcing and rendering historical instances. She can get her kicks whenever she wants but who wants to hear her continuous inner ruminative thought process on the whole relationship? I don’t.

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