Review: Justice In A Dead Land by Emma J. R. Hawk


Publisher: All Night Reads
Publishing Date: October 2014
ISBN: 9780034478891
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 3.0/5

Publisher Description: Magic has come to the dead lands, and it has not come quietly. The fungus-like substance dripping from a tear in the universes has seeped into the world’s water, turning the very thing humans depend upon for life into a force for chaos. It was hardly worth noting that Penelope Martin’s graduation from the Academy of Justice was cancelled in the destruction that followed. The entire Justice system collapsed, after all. One more lost girl wasn’t even worth a mark in the empress’ famed ledger. But Penelope holds the key to saving the world, and there’s only one thing she cares about now: revenge.
Diedre Martin knows she’s the one responsible for unleashing the apocalypse. She pushed her experiments too far, her insatiable curiosity leading her to tear apart the universe in her quest to understand it. She wants to be the savior who discovers how to control magic, but her actions may have left her beyond all hope of redemption.
The survivors of this new world are scraping by any way they can while their resources are rapidly running out. Can they save their world before magic devours it whole, or is it already too late?

Review: Not a fan of the cover art. Looks like a zombie moonbat after a rainbow gathering.

This was a really short novella. I think this is one of those serialized tales that have multiple installments. Really not a lot to chew on this bone. The writing was pretty good, the characters fairly entertaining coupled with good movement. Hard to review a work based on scant quantity as it could get better or fail due to excessive dialogue and/or transitory writing to help expedite scene development.

This gets 3 stars and should improve in successive installments if the author continues the progress exhibited in the first.


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