Review: Bobby Ether and the Temple of Eternity by R. Scott Boyer


Publisher: R. Scott Boyer
Publishing Date: September 2014
ISBN: 9781499558968
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 3.1/5

Publisher Description: Picking up where Bobby Ether and the Academy left off, this supercharged sequel finds Bobby heading to Guatemala, where a group of missing children has been taken to a secret location in the heart of a deadly rainforest–La Muerte Verde.
Bobby and Jinx continue their exploration of the wondrous world of earth energies and spiritual connections as they work together against the nefarious forces of the Core to find and rescue their imprisoned companions.

Review: This cover is worse than the first if that’s possible.

We find Bobby and Jinx deep in the jungle at an ancient Mayan pyramid seeking to rescue all the children that were taken from the Tibetan monastery. This was a bit better than the first installment due to the faster pace combined with better character development.

There are some hidden doors, great escapes, near misses, torture, death and daring do that are standard fare for this series. Slab is introduced as a giant with a childlike face hidden under a leather mask. At one point Bobby rides on his back as they tackle baddies. This character was VERY reminiscent of Master Blaster from Beyond Thunder Dome…..”Two man enter, one man leave“.

Have fun with this series, or not, its up to you.


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