Review: Dead Earth Episode 1: Mr. .44 Magnum by Michael Anthony


Publisher: Michael Anthony
Publishing Date: August 2014
ISBN: ISBN9781440429637
Genre: SciFi
Rating: 3.0

Publisher Description: It starts in the middle of spring with a patch of dead grass. A month and a half later, the last leaf in the world lets go of a starving branch and falls to its grave.
The Earth is dead. As the daughter of a Navy SEAL and survivalist, seventeen-year-old Shade and her sisters Rikka and Lou have more than enough food, water, and bullets to survive whatever the world can throw at them. With their father out fighting to maintain order throughout the States, the girls are determined to hold down the fort until he returns.

Review: I can’t rate serialized novellas, even when they are really good, any higher than 3 stars. There just isn’t enough content to judge the characters, movement, dialogue, story-line etc. Still, for the few pages that were available to read this was riveting. I have to say when it suddenly ended I thought there was something wrong with my reader. When that was ok, I thought there was something wrong with the download only to find it was another of these annoying frikin’ serialized novels. “Hey I got a great idea to make more money!” says Johnny Jr. Publisher. “Lets take one novel and break it up into 10 little parts and sell those parts for a bit lower than the actual price of the whole novel!!” Brilliant, only you just can’t tuck yourself in for a long read and really get into it.

The best way to read these is to wait until you have them all, then get after it. Normally this stuff just puts me off, and I never read another in the series. However this was so good that the marketing scheme may have hooked me.


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