Review: Undercity by Catherine Asaro


Publisher: Baen
Publishing Date: December 2014
ISBN: 9781476736921
Genre: SciFi
Rating: 4.2/5

Publisher Description: Major Bhaajan, a former military officer with Imperial Space Command, is now a hard-bitten P.I. with a load of baggage to deal with, and clients with woes sometimes personal, sometimes galaxy-shattering, and sometimes both. Bhaajan must sift through the shadows of dark and dangerous Undercity—the enormous capital of a vast star empire—to find answers.

Review: I like that old timey cover. Harkens back to the SciFi novels of the 70’s.

This was a really good hard hitting SciFi novel that you can sink your teeth into. Its not the tech or the star systems that grab you, it is the characters and their role in and under the city of Cries. The story line unfolds with Major Bhaajan being hired by the Majda imperialists to find their run away Prince. What follows is an intricately woven story-line that is 2 parts mystery and 1 part Undercity discovery and all the machinating denizens that lurk above and below. So much of the novel involves Bhaajan’s evolving concern for the Duster’s plight, of which she once was a part of, that to go into the details will give the tenure of the novel away.

At the end of the novel you feel as though you know Bhaaj, Jak, Gourd and the Majda family. Really well crafted and written. So why 4 stars? Almost every page had grammatical errors. At first I thought it was pidgin dialogue to demonstrate the differences between the Undercity and Cries, but it was evident when that dialogue was purposely used. Perhaps it is more in a Beta stage at this point. If so, I would give it around 4.6.


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