Review: Wet and Wild by David Ellis


Publisher: Cameron Publicity
Publishing Date: October 2014
ISBN: 9781784550097
Genre: fantasy
Rating: 2.4/5

Publisher Description: Wet and Wild’ is a pet shop on the Holloway Road in Islington, North London. Outwardly, the shop seems normal, if a bit rundown, but on the inside it becomes a glorious and other-worldly emporium, and its animal inhabitants have a habit of attracting press attention due to their talents and the mishaps they get into.

Review: That cover will certainly hurt sales.

I think I am the only one of a handful of reviewers that didn’t rave over this work. Although the stories were many, and entertaining, there was this underlying comedic theme throughout the novel that mirrored Douglas Adams writing. In some instances there was adhesion to a generalized them of Brit-Wit (sarcasm coupled with self-deprecation/innuendo etc.) yet most of the time it was the Adams approach, utilizing the absurd and surreal to bend satire. There are even some direct quotes from Adam’s within the novel.

This novel should have been categorized as gay and lesbian as most of the characters and their interactions form that community. Not a bad thing, just not something I am very interested in knowing about. The only gem in this otherwise gay calamity was Brian. I thought that the entirety of the novel would revolve around Brian, whom can communicate with animals. Sadly he plays a bit part to Roderick, a gay and straight shape shifter, (fug) up until the end where he follows a bunch of goldfish through a wormhole.

Way too much time was spent on Roderick. His character was evolving nicely into kind of a demented Dr. Doolittle, but quickly plummeted into obscurity with his penchant for acting and kissing men. There are pages and pages of dialogue with Roderick as the star and busting his chops while acting. Bor-ing.


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