Review: The Stained Glass Door by John Marvin


Publisher: Two Harbors Press
Publishing Date: December 2013
ISBN: 9781626525122
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 3.6/5

Publisher Description: Before he can really adjust to death, Martin finds himself in a supernatural conference room of constantly shifting moods and appearance. Guided by an uncannily perceptive group leader, Martin and other recently deceased strangers are assigned to write and talk about . . . stories. With little time to adapt, Martin and his new companions begin writing. The result? Free of the constraints of the living, eight strangers write, read and talk. Through their stories we discover the laughter, joys and tragedies of hidden lives.

Review:  This is a novel that combines the short stories of many authors and condenses them into a viable whole. These disparate stories are part of many characters within the main story line.  This format was developed by John Marvin as part of his WriteReadTalk company. The main story between the short stories involves a sort of round table of different people, post-death that sit around writing short stories and discussing them. Not sure why people would willingly sit and write stories when so many questions about where they are and how they got there go unanswered or unasked. Is it a kind of purgatory or are they developing into something more by this process. Too many logic gaps with little resolution.

This was a wonderfully crafted novel as Marvin puts all the disparate short stories into a cogent, collective whole. The ending is rather abrupt and cryptic as to further this story line into another edition.  Still, there is some good writing talent on display and well worth the time spent reading.


One thought on “Review: The Stained Glass Door by John Marvin

  1. This one sounds interesting. Think I’ll check it out.

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