Review: Sorcerer by Susan M. Bowes



Publisher: Smith Publicity

Publishing Date: October 2014

ISBN: 9781483532318 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 1.0/5


Publisher Description: In a time when mystical spells are the norm, deception is the instrument a mere magician uses when he learns of a prophesy about a unique individual who’ll rule many lands through the true ability of conjuring. In his unending lust for power, the magician plots to control the child in order to secure a vast kingdom. The self-proclaimed sorcerer kidnaps the baby at birth and raises the boy as his own. Despite the man’s evil plans, the lad grows into maturity having a mind of his own, but fearing the man he believes to be his father, the youth is forced to submit to the sorcerer’s cruelty. The young man has to travel a long, rocky road before he finally discovers that his father is not the benevolent king he claimed to be.

 Review: Liam, the young Prince of an evil sorcerer, likes to stroke it. He gets a boner at the drop of a hat, and finds a place to start masturbating. He is either thankful he is not fully erect or glad that he is. See, a young Prince has urges, that if not met, must be released in some fashion.  Usually in a garden while eavesdropping on the servants having sex. The way in which these instances and others are purveyed, lends this classless sheen to the characters as they run around, ruled by their baser instincts.  Shanja, Liam’s love interest rarely thinks in a logical fashion. Hers is all emotion, spit, vindictiveness and lust. None of these characters were believable as they all exhibited pure animal instinct without an ounce of intellect. Even the evil sorcerer wants to constantly rape and pillage surrounding kingdoms and went so far as to tell Liam’s real mother that he would kill her once she had weaned the boy.  Also, when Liam first meets Shanja, they barely introduce themselves before he has his tongue down her throat and his “erection” pressed against her. Fug. 

Initially I thought the story-line would evolve into a Kingdom spanning quest for the magic and the inherent development of Liam as the “Chosen One”.  Where Shanja is found running from her own kingdom as it is being invaded by the Sorcerer. But….nope.  The whole tenure of this novel is Liam getting laid, thinking about it and pining over his love of Shanja. Ultimately Liam is forced to take a bride who turns out to be a little girl. Lucky for her he has been drinking wine on their wedding night otherwise his massiveness would never fit in her. Double Fug. Shanja is reduced from Princess to repetitive rape victim but promises retribution that she never fulfills. Additionally the Sorcerer is really not one. He uses tinctures and potions coupled with MIND FOCUS, and poof you’re entranced or whatever.

So the characters were poorly developed, the story-line stilted and lacking logical progression, with the overall plot uninteresting in every way. Lucky for us at the end of the novel, Shanja’s son exhibits evil intent so we are left with the promise of nails on blackboards.    





One thought on “Review: Sorcerer by Susan M. Bowes

  1. Yuk! I’ll pass on this one. Sounds like it should be on a TBT pile (To Be Trashed). But, as always, a very entertaining review.

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