Review: Gods and Monsters: Mythbreaker by Stephen Blackmoore




Publisher: Rebellion

Publishing Date: December 2014

ISBN: 9781781082553 

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 3.8/5


Publisher Description: Growing up an orphan, Louie had conversations with “invisible friends,” could see patterns in the world that no one else could see. In other times he would have been a prophet – someone to make people believe in the gods. But he grew out of the visions, and then into crime as a drug runner.   Now thirty-five and burnt out, he’s had enough. With access to the mob’s money, he plans to go out in a big way. Only he can’t. A broken down car, a missed flight; it’s bad enough being hunted by the mob, but the gods – kicked out of the Heavens, stuck on Earth without worshippers – need someone who can tell their stories, and they aren’t letting him go. 

 Review: I don’t know who this “Louie” person is in the publisher description but the main character was always referred to as “Fitz”.  The cover, combined with the description, lends the main character a sense of anti-hero/reluctant hero mien with a sense of direction. What we really have is an embezzling coward junkie that does everything he can to avoid interacting with the Gods. The only reason that he persists in the story line is that all the Gods are hunting him.

This was a whole lotta fun to read. The novel is packed with humor and sarcastic wit, even in the face of death and destruction. Amanda, Fitz’s companion, is deus x machina in this novel. Just when you think Fitz is totally screwed, Amanda of the Internet is there to save or whisk him away to a safe house. This would usually tend to annoy me but it works as the places are woven into the overall plot. The Gods represented are at once scary and hypnotically funny. The characters are well built around an interesting story line with incredible movement. Get this and have fun.




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