Review: Ed Undead by Edward Kent


Publisher: Smith Publicity

Publishing Date: April 2012

ISBN: 9781470086626

Genre: SciFi

Rating: 2.7/5


Publisher Description: An unknown virus has turned most of the world into flesh eating zombies, and one teenager, Ed Kirk, has contracted it, but it is working through him slowly and he doesn’t know why. He finds his girlfriend, Lisa Jane, and together they fight to get out of their small town and seek help, meeting up with some strangers along the way. Will they be friends or foe? At the same time, they are being pursued by a dark force unknown to them. They must try to find help or a cure before Ed completely turns.

 Review: Cool cover art. I liked Ed Kirk and Lisa Jane. They were this blend of post-apoc dynamic duo meets the Blue Lagoon. Ed Kirk is half zombie, meaning that the virus didn’t fully take. There is this fear that as time progresses so does the virus and a cure is tantamount to not just Ed’s survival but humanities. Lisa Jane is his smart, funny, totally hot GF that sticks with him even when he begins to struggle with the effects of the virus. They meet up with some people that are unaffected, including a high school jock that has the hots for Lisa Jane. What follows is some internal strife and much chasing by hoards of zombies.

This novel was engaging when the story didn’t dwell in the past . There were quite a few pages spent on life prior to the zombie outbreak that seemed excessive. Perhaps a little less time down memory lane would have sufficed.  The ending was typical for a series….no resolution. The characters were well developed and the story line had good pace when rendered in the now.  This was definitely a YA book but I had fun reading it.







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